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Have a question? Check here first to see if your question has been asked by anyone else. If not, please contact us for any questions you may have!

Paint/Paint Codes

  • Where can I find my paint code?

    Most codes can be found on the driver side door jamb, glove box, or trunk. If you cannot locate your paint code, please contact your local auto dealer, ask for the parts department, and tell them that you need to obtain your paint code. They will ask you for your vehicle's VIN # and look it up for you. and are great for reference, but never guess your paint code!

  • What type of Paint do you use for your Painted Products, and how many coats?

    We use BASF Automotive Base Coat Clear Coat for all our Painted products. We use a mixture of low-VOC solvent and Waterborne paint, which is EPA compliant and environmentally friendly. We paint them in-house at our Cleveland, OH headquarters. For Tri-Coat Paints, we use 4 coats of paint. For Non-Tri-Coat Paints, we use 3 coats of paint. In addition, we use 2 Clear Coats for all painted products.


  • I just had my vehicle waxed, will this affect the installation process?

    Yes, in the area where you are applying the product, we advise that you remove the wax with alcohol wipes. The wax will interfere with the adhesion of your product, so this is important to make sure your product will stay on for years to come!

  • Do I have to worry about Car-Washes damaging my product or interfering with the adhesion?

    Just to be safe, we recommend avoiding a car wash for 24 hours after you install your product(s). Afterwards, you can have as many car-washes as you'd like! It will not damage or interfere with your product's adhesion.

  • Will my Ceramic Coating interfere with the installation of your products?

    YES. The product(s) will bond to the Ceramic Coating, and not to your vehicle, so once the Coating wears away after a few years, the bond will weaken and your products may come off. We advise not to install products onto a Ceramic-Coated Vehicle, but if you do, please frequently check to make sure that the bond is strong. Please keep in mind that installing our products onto a Ceramic Coating WILL void your warranty!

  • Can I wax my Painted Product, and if so, how long must I wait after installing the Product?

    You can wax any Painted Product as you would wax your vehicle, but we recommend waiting at least 24 hours after installing your Painted Product to wax your vehicle.

Body Side Molding

  • Does an order for Body Side Molding include only one side or both sides?

    Each order of body side molding includes enough molding for both sides of your vehicle. Most molding kits come in 4 pieces, but some 2 door vehicles may only have 2 pieces (the 2 door pieces are longer and have formed ends on each side, so it still looks great!). Refer to the product description for more information on how many pieces are in the kit that you are interested in.

  • How do I remove my Body Side Molding?

    Using two tools; wrap string around both, (screwdrivers, etc.), leave about 6” of the string between the two. At the corner of the moldings, slip the string between the moldings and the vehicle. Work the string back and forth, this will cut the 3M tape, do this until you can grab some of the molding with your hand. Push downward, toward the ground, this helps to release the tape from the vehicle. You may see some tape left on the vehicle; use your thumb to rub this off. A degreasing product should help to soften the tape. It’s not easy, and will take some time, but you will not damage the paint!

  • Is the Body Side Molding you offer the same as Factory Molding?

    No. Our aftermarket moldings are designed for vehicles that come from the factory without body side molding. They are not Factory Molding Replacements. We design them to look like some factory styles, but it will not be an exact match. If you have a factory body side molding and would like to replace it with ours, please know that our molding may be made to be installed in a different location. Some factory moldings are drilled into your vehicle, so please consider that there may be holes underneath your factory molding.

  • Do I need to use the Pro Bond™ Adhesive Promoter for my Body Side Molding Installation?

    We STRONGLY advise using our Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter so that the Molding will stay on for years to come. We recommend applying a thin coat of the Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter where the moldings are to be applied (approximately underneath where the Moldings will go, try not to get it on parts of the vehicle where the Molding will NOT be applied to. The vehicle, or at least the area where you will apply the moldings, should be cleaned with alcohol prior to remove any dirt, wax, or debris. You will notice that the Pro Bond dries very quickly. This is okay, the Pro Bond should be dried prior to installing the Moldings. It will leave a thin polymer coating that may appear to slightly "dull" the surface (if Moldings are ever removed, buffing the surface will take away the dullness 100%). The Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter is not an adhesive, it is an Adhesive Promoter that preps the surface to increase the bond of the 3M Tape. One Pro Bond Crush Swab is enough for one side of the vehicle.

  • There are no Body Side Molding options for my vehicle. Can you make Custom Body Side Molding?

    We unfortunately cannot make custom Body Side Moldings due to tooling/manufacturing costs and restrictions. A good alternative may be Extruded Body Side Molding. These products can be cut to length, so it can fit any vehicle. Please navigate to our Extruded Molding products to see if these would be a better fit for your next upgrade!

  • What’s the difference between Finished End (FE/FE2) Molding, Chromeline (CF/CF2) Molding, Color Insert (CI/CI2) Molding, and Custom (FE7/CF7/CI7) Molding?

    Finished End Moldings are one solid, painted-to-match color moldings with angled ends. Chromeline Moldings are painted moldings with a chrome insert strip. Color Insert Moldings are painted moldings with a black or red insert strip. The new Custom Molding is our newly designed, modern style molding. The difference between the FE/FE2, CF/CF2, or CI/CI2 Body Side Moldings is the width of the Molding. The FE/CF/CI Moldings are 1 1/4" Wide, and the FE2/CF2/CI2 Moldings are 2 1/2" Wide. They will protect the same, the difference is purely aesthetic.

  • What is your Painted Body Side Molding made of?

    Our Painted Moldings are made of ABS Plastic.

  • Do I need to install my Body Side Molding in the location depicted on your Installation Instructions?

    For each Body Side Molding Kit, we determine the lengths of the Moldings and the angles that the Moldings are cut at for the door seam in a spot that will provide the most protection to your vehicle. For this reason, we advise for you to install your Body Side Molding in the location that we depict on our Installation Instructions. If you install the Moldings in a different location, we can not guarantee that they will protect your vehicle as we engineered them to. Also, the angles and lengths may vary depending on where you install the Moldings. Many times, there are areas of vehicles that are "wavy/bubbly" which will cause the Moldings to lift from the vehicle after a prolonged period of time, so this would be another concern with installing your Moldings in a separate location. We must also mention that installing in a location other than where we depict on our Installation Instructions would void the Manufacturer Warranty.

Rear Bumper Protectors (RBP)

  • The Bumper Protector I ordered is not long enough and leaves room on both sides.

    Our Rear Bumper Protectors have been tested to cover the most probable area that will receive damage. Some applications may not extend the full length of the bumper. Please view our images and make sure you are satisfied with the fitment, it should look exactly like how it does in the pictures. While some Rear Bumper Protectors may not extend the whole length of the bumper, it will still provide much protection against luggage, pets, groceries, etc. because it covers most of the bumper. Each Rear Bumper Protector is engineered with specific angles in mind, which is why we selected the specific RBP for any specific application. Even though another RBP may be longer/shorter, it will most likely not fit due to the difference in angles and curves of each vehicle's bumper.

  • The Bumper Protector I ordered does not curve to my bumper.

    In some cases, you may have to bend the flexible Rear Bumper Protector during installation to match the curve of your bumper. Please see the installation instructions included or watch an installation video on our YouTube page for further detail.

  • The Bumper Protector that I want to purchase says "Not compatible with Power Liftgate", why not?

    On some vehicles that offer Power Lift-Gate options, the sensor located in the tailgate will sense that there is an obstruction (the installed Rear Bumper Protector), and the tailgate will return to the open position. For this reason, our Rear Bumper Protector will not work for your vehicle in that year. Please check to see if there is a note about the Power Lift Gate within the product description to see if this applies to the product you are interested in.

  • I need to replace some of the tape on my Rear Bumper Protector. Which size tape should I use?

    If you need to replace the tape on your Rear Bumper Protector, we recommend any 3M Automotive Grade Double-Sided Adhesive Tape that is at least 1/2" thick. You can find these types of tapes at most hardware stores or automotive stores!

Rear Deck Spoilers

  • The Molding/Spoiler I ordered did not include instructions or installation hardware.

    Please double-check the sock material. The instructions are rolled up in a separate section toward the end of the material. If you still are unable to find them, please contact us.

  • I want to replace the Spoiler on my vehicle with your Spoiler. Will the holes match up?

    Although some of our Spoilers are "Factory Style", they may require new holes to be drilled for installation and/or it may or may not cover the existing holes. If the Spoiler covers the holes, it will create a factory seal and will not be an issue. We recommend ordering the Spoiler, and before you install it, set it on top of your decklid. If the holes are covered, you will not have any issues.