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Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter Crush Swab 3-Pak / AP-CS-3PK

Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter Crush Swab 3-Pak / AP-CS-3PK
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  • Part Number: AP-CS-3PK

Create a lasting bond between surfaces with the application of Dawn Enterprises Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter

Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter has been used by installers across the world since 1981. Pro Bond is intended to be used in conjunction with pressure sensitive tapes to increase the bonding strength of tape. Dawn Enterprises, the Cleveland, Ohio manufacturer of Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter, developed this product originally to be used with pressure sensitive tape applied to extruded trim, body side molding, and rear deck spoilers. Today, Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter is the premiere choice for adhesion experts within the aftermarket automotive industry, from automotive wrap and vinyl, aftermarket accessories, and window tint. Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter increases the bond between these applications as well as nearly anything where a strong and durable bond is needed. While many have tried to replicate our Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter formula, but none have come close to matching the up to 200% increase in adhesion. Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter can be used on ABS, blends, concrete, glass, metal, painted surfaces, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, wood materials, and other various surfaces. Order Dawn Enterprises Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter today!

  • 1 year shelf life
  • Made in the USA
  • Works great on vinyl, wraps, window tint, and automotive molding applications

How Pro Bond Works :

When used correctly, Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter forms a thin film onto the surface of the material that it has been applied to. The film then anchors itself to the surface with a strong bond because the surface energy of the film is generally higher than the material to which the Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter is applied. A higher surface energy level will create a stronger bond.

Features And Benefits :

  • Improves the bond in which chemical nature of substrate resists adhesion
  • Can be used to provide a quick stick solution to aid in many sorts of applications
  • Helps pressure sensitive adhesions to adhere to curved and irregularly shaped surfaces

Application Guide :

  • Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter can be used on almost any surface as long as the surface is not affected by the solvents used in Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter. Our safety data sheet, which includes information including the solvents used in Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter, is available upon request.
  • The surface of the application area should be free from any dirt, oil, or wax. It is recommended that you clean the intended surface with alcohol pads (or a 50/50 mixture of Isopropyl alcohol and water) before applying Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter.
  • We recommend shaking the Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter before use in order to ensure an even, mixed solution.
  • Our Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter Crush Swabs need to be crushed in the center. After you hear a "pop" sound, the solution will activate for application. The cans and jugs of Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter are ready for use once shaken and can be re-used multiple times, as long as the cap is securely sealed after each use. Our Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter 8 Ounce Can also comes with an applicator to aid with installation.
  • Pro Bond should be applied in a single, uniform coat on a clean dry surface. A clean cloth, applicator bottle, pressurized flow gun, knurled roll, or sprayer can be used to apply Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter.
  • Please allow Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter to dry completely before adhering anything to it. The primed area should be free from dust or contaminants. Apply pressure sensitive adhesive material within one hour after the Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter has been applied.
  • Results will vary based on the substrate and the pressure sensitive adhesion area. We recommend testing all applications prior to commercial use.

Safety Precautions :

  • Please refer to the safety data sheet for specific medical, handling, and disposal information.
  • During the application process, please ensure that you wear protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and suitable clothing.
  • Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter is flammable! Keep away from heat, sparks, and open flames.
  • Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter contains regulated chemicals that can cause skin or eye irritation, headaches, and nausea. Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter may be harmful if ingested. If contact occurs with skin or eyes, flush with plenty of water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.
  • Use Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter in a ventilated area or use approved respiratory equipment. If you have been affected by vapors, please move to a location with fresh air immediately.

Prop 65 Warning Label